Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Foster & Dobbs Shout-Out: Portland OR

Last Friday my happy hour plans dropped out at the last minute. Deflated but not deterred, I was determined to have that end-of-week drink I was so looking forward to.

Since I was alone, I felt like going someplace low-key with a little atmosphere, preferably close by. I also needed a bottle of wine to bring to a friend’s house later that evening. So, I decided on Foster & Dobbs, a charming wine and cheese shop located in Irvington, a genteel upscale northeast Portland neighborhood. 

Shortly after arriving, I ordered a glass of French red described on the wine list as “rustic,” “old world" and “Syrah.” (All good words to have in one sentence, in my opinion.) The attentive person behind the counter served me up pronto – and quite a generous pour, I might add.

And since I was flying solo that afternoon, I didn’t want an entire cheese plate for myself. So they actually made me a special mini cheese plate with just a few slices, and followed up with a sparkling carafe full of water.

Now, none of this may sound extraordinary, but there have been moments in this oh-so-food-and-drink-conscious town that I was left waiting, or having to ask multiple times for simple things  especially if I was alone. Special requests in particular, although dutifully fulfilled, have often been met with a stony glare. Which is why I'm taking take this opportunity to sing the praises of Foster & Dobbs.

Thanks to Foster & Dobb's gracious ways, I tucked myself into their bar area (complete with a view of stately Irvington homes), and settled into my hefty glass of wine and flavorful cheese, and proceeded to have the happiest of happy hours all by myself.

Foster & Dobbs
2518 NE 15th Avenue
Portland, OR  97212

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