Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hammock Heaven: Tygh Valley OR

I’m lucky enough to know some fine people who live in Tygh Valley, Oregon.  Their home sits on a hill with views of the rugged surroundings dotted with maples and sagebrush. It’s constructed from straw bales – which is pretty cool in itself.

When visiting during the warmer months, I always gravitate to the hammock. It hangs between two sturdy trees, and during the afternoon, just the right amount of dappled sunlight filters through. At night you can swing in it and stargaze. It’s also wide – so you can really stretch out. If you tip it just right, you can reach your beer resting on the ground below.

And in these waning days of summer, it’s import to remember the season’s simple pleasures – like a warm breeze, a frosty beer, and a perfectly placed hammock.