Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Society Hotel: Portland OR

It was just one of those days. Light winds and clear blue skies – a perfect day to visit the rooftop bar at the Society Hotel, a small, hipster-ish boutique hotel in Portland, Oregon’s Old Town.

And the Society Hotel is equally appealing on a cold and rainy day. On the ground floor is a very inviting cafĂ© and lounge area. Its high ceilings and large windows let in tons of natural light and provide a lively view of the surrounding street life, plus there’s a cozy hearth complete with fireplace.

IMHO, it seems the Society Hotel has struck a pleasant balance between old and new Portland. Although the patrons are predominantly millennials and the interior is low-key industrial chic, the building’s historic feel is enhanced rather than overshadowed by trendiness.

I also like the coffee, plus the baristas are always friendly and helpful. I often pop in after I meet a client that's a block away.

I am a bit concerned, however, that the spanking new Starbucks kitty corner to the hotel might steal some of the Society's coffee business. Don’t get me wrong – Starbucks has its place (Speed! Convenience! Consistency!) But if you have the time, I encourage you to skip McStarbucks and settle into the Society Hotel for a more personalized and intimate experience. 

The Society Hotel, Cafe, Bar & Lounge