Monday, December 17, 2012

A Lot of Trees: Portland OR

Peterson family Christmas tree lot

Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, buying a Christmas tree meant going to the local supermarket parking lot.  And depending on that particular winter (if you can call it that), the temperature could be anywhere from 68 – 90 degrees, where lovely trees from cool damp places (probably Oregon) would be baking in the heat. You picked your tree, took it home in the family station wagon, and hoped it wouldn’t turn into kindling before the big day.

So, now that I live in the Christmas Tree Capital of The World, that probably explains my complete appreciation for the tree lot less than a mile from my house, which sets up shop every December in a very adorable rustic open space, complete with woodsy hut and wood-cut elves.

For me, the Christmas Season officially starts when this local tree lot is glowing with string lights and packed with fresh trees grown in nearby Canby, cut just hours before you take them home. It’s run by the Peterson family, and apparently has been doing business for over 20 years. Fathers, sons, and cousins are all on-hand helping out.

And after my initial tree purchase, I often return to buy fresh holiday greens, and sometimes even a wreath – so the thrill of Christmas tree buying extends well into December.

To top it off, Jim and Patty's is across the street, so I can get a warm yummy drink, then head over to tromp around the pine-scented lot, humming with the sound of buzz saws merrily trimming stumps and errant branches.

What could be more Christmassy that that?

Peterson Christmas Trees
NE Fremont & 49th
Portland, OR