Friday, July 8, 2011

Biker Bar: Portland OR

Wowee! June came and went without a post. (Shame on me!) A hectic month indeed, although I did manage to get out with the gals for a lovely bike ride along Portland’s Marine Drive. This well-known path is a favorite training ride for many. No stops for miles, so you can really stretch out and cruise.

Marine Drive bike path

OK, so nice ride. But for me, as with most rides, it’s also about stopping to refuel. After heading out and back to Blue Lake Park, we stopped at the Sextant Bar and Galley, which one could affectionately refer to as a dive. But what a great dive it is! Mainly because it has this terrific deck with quite the view of the Columbia River. And best of all, it’s fine to clomp in there all sweaty in your biking shoes and gear and no one cares.

Girls on deck

If you want to know about the food, it’s pretty much forgettable pub grub, so not much to say here. Except that one friend wisely requested “real" cheese on her nachos, instead of the kind that squirts out of a pump.

Like I said – it’s about the deck.

Sextant Bar and Galley
4035 NE Marine Dr.
Portland, OR 97211

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