Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ghost Town Bound: Los Cerrillos NM

Back in February 2009 I visited Santa Fe, New Mexico for the first time. It really does live up to the brochure – brilliant blue skies, fabulous historic buildings and dramatic interplay of shadow and light. But after a couple of days of wandering through the main plaza area ogling fine art and hulking pieces of turquoise jewelry, I tired of $25,000 price tags. I suspected there must be more to this Southwest story. So, for those of you whose net worth is less than several million, I suggest heading out of town.

Main Street, Los Cerrillos, NM

To explore the surrounding environs, I contacted Santa Fe Walkabouts, a husband-and-wife run company specializing in day tours. I expressed to my trusty guide Sue that I wanted to experience something a little less chi-chi than Santa Fe proper. She had the perfect suggestion. After a lovely afternoon hike in the Cerrillos Hills, we stopped in the ghost town of Los Cerrrilos. This is a special place, and an impressive example of an authentic western town, one that would make Clint Eastwood sit tall in the saddle and take squinty-eyed notice. I had the good fortune of being there on a day when no one was there, so I got the full-ghost town hit.

Thanks again to Sue for this insightful suggestion and rewarding field trip.

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  1. Love ghost towns! Have you been to Bodie?
    Congrats on the blog! Can't wait for your blog entry on central NY - maybe you should come visit us and we can go to the Bloomfield Antique Mile:

    Looking forward to more posts!