Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Covered Bridge Reborn: Stayton OR

I had read about the covered bridges of Oregon, but had never actually seen one. So off I went down Hwy. 5 to check out the closest of the bunch – which would be the Stayton-Jordon covered bridge, located in the town of Stayton, just east of Salem.

Aside from the the bridge, I wasn't too clued into what else to see or do in Stayton, since the Travel Oregon site didn't have much to say about it. (Having said that, I did enjoy my pancakes at Kelly’s Café.)

Back to the bridge. Apparently, this bridge is actually a reproduction, since the original burned down back in December 1994 by a fire started by Christmas lights on the roof. (Note to self: things can burn in western Oregon in December, despite the relentless rain.)

Regardless, the "new and improved" bridge is still photo-worthy, and for amateur photographers, there are many shots to be had here. As I was leaving, three people showed up armed with a camera and tripod, which confirmed my hunch that this is probably the favorite local photo opp spot.

Monday, November 24, 2014

We Picked a Winner:
Portland Meadows, Portland OR

My pals and I decided to try something different for my birthday this year. Intrigued by a really great case study I found online about a local agency's rebranding of Portland Meadows (not to mention the charming billboards around town – yes advertising does work!) we were lured to the track to check out the ponies.

Vintage jockey portrait at Portland Meadows

Our group thought we’d be mildly amused by this unfamiliar pastime. But not long after arriving, we were completely taken in by the procession of jockeys on horseback dressed in their silks, the thrill of placing a bet, and the thundering hooves of the muscular and sometimes jittery horses. Before long, we were huddled over our racing form, discussing the finer points of exactas, trifectas and daily doubles, aided by a roving Portland Meadows “betting coach”, who patiently talked us through the wagering process.


Portland Meadows race snippet 

And then there’s the lingo! So many of life’s most familiar phrases have their origins in horse racing. (Think about it ... who hasn't said it's a long shot, they're on the homestretch, or that the stakes are high?)

And here are a few more fun ones:

Also-ran: a horse who finishes out of the money (does not win, place or show).

Bolt: when a horse suddenly veers from a straight course.

And my personal favorite…

All-out: a horse that is trying to the best of its ability.

At one point, a friend was concerned that due to a trip to the bar, I missed post time. Bloody Mary in hand, I looked at her and said – without a trace of irony – “It's OK. I don’t have a horse in that race.”

I knew my transition from clueless observer to race-fan-in-the-making was complete.

Portland Meadows
1001 N. Schmeer Road

Portland, Oregon 97217

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Out of Their Element in Portland OR

Decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood this afternoon to enjoy the lovely early fall afternoon, and lo and behold I stumbled upon a raised bed full of thriving cacti.

Hmmmm…not exactly indigenous to the Pacific Northwest, but striking none the less. Not sure how they’ll look in December.

But, just proves if you get out of your comfort zone you can still flourish.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Sitting on the Dock of the…Willamette
Portland OR

A good friend with loads of creativity and vision held a birthday party down on a nameless dock by the Willamette River, somewhere near NE 18th and Front. No one knew who “owned” this dock, so our party basically assumed squatters rights for the afternoon.

It was a striking backdrop for a fete: the arching Fremont Bridge against an early autumn blue sky, complete with rustic (and rusty) freighters rolling by, escorted by rough-and-ready tugboats – just as cute and sturdy as we remembered them from the childrens’ books of our youth.

Monday, June 30, 2014

K&M Tasting Room: Good Wine, Good People
Carlton OR

If you’re seeking a wine tasting experience that's the polar opposite of, say, Napa Valley on the weekend – i.e. impersonal corporate wineries with about as much charm as the inside of a Home Depot, overpriced tastings and gobs of people jockeying for position at the wine bar – then the K&M Tasting Room is the spot for you.

K&M Winery Rose, ready and waiting

K&M stands for Ken and Mauro, the two men behind the food-friendly wines showcased at their modest-but-stylish tasting room. It’s a calm and welcoming space, defined by spare furnishings and large windows that look out onto Carlton’s charming historical Main Street.

If this all sounds dreamy, well, that’s because it is. And I’m always impressed when people seem to be living their dream, because it means they had the wherewithal to make it happen. Inspired by close friends who owned a small vineyard, Ken and Mauro worked, planned and saved for many years to purchase their own. In one of life’s more serendipitous moments, Ken jumped on craigslist and the perfect piece of property popped up. They jumped on it, and the rest is history.

Ken with a few of his bottles
I figure if I’m that charmed by the K&M tasting room and story, then I will be equally charmed by the K&M vineyard. I have yet to visit it, but will be able to several times a year once I join K&M's wine club – which the retelling of this tale has just motivated me to do.

And now, I can hardly wait for my first vineyard event.

143 E. Main Street
Carlton, OR  97111 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Somewhere Far, But Not.
Horsethief State Park, Dallesport WA

Not too long ago, a friend emailed asking if I wanted to go “somewhere far, but not.” I was charmed by her poetically phrased request. Plus, I was still recovering from a head cold and she had a sore foot. So an afternoon of low-impact sightseeing seemed like just the cure for what ailed us.

Horsethief Lake

I suggested Hwy. 14 – on which I seem to have a perpetual summer crush.  It’s a scenic, gently rolling two-lane road with good views of the Columbia River.  

In fact, according to certain guidebooks, Hwy. 14 is also visually more representative of how Lewis and Clark might have seen things, as opposed to Hwy. 84, its busy big sister on the Oregon side of the river. (A nice thought – except that Lewis and Clark were in dug-out canoes, not humming along in a Honda CRV at 60 MPH. But I digress…) 

Regardless, Hwy. 14 seemed to fit the bill of “somewhere far, but not.”

Looming basalt buttes at Horsethief Lake State Park

So we hit the road and headed east for about 90 miles. It never ceases to amaze me how driving east from Portland for just over an hour puts you into a totally different environment: warm, dry breezes; clear, cloudless skies; and high desert vistas. The cool, damp, densely forested feel of Portland seemed worlds away.

We clambered out of the car at Horsethief Lake State Park in Dallesport, WA – a happy accident, since we were attracted by the park’s Wild West name and knew nothing about the place itself. 

Pictographs (look closely) at Horsethief Lake State Park

Turns out we were thrilled to discover this gem of a park, with its striking views of black basalt buttes, a lake perfect for a quick dunk on a hot summer afternoon, plus several impressive Native American pictographs, which can be viewed from a very accessible path.

All this for an easy, scenic drive less than 100 miles from Portland.

Indeed, we had found our “somewhere far, but not” spot.  

Horsethief Lake State Park
Dallesport, WA

Monday, April 28, 2014

Triple Header: Burrasca, Vino & Crema Coffee
Portland OR

I love when I can get my all my culinary cravings met on one city block.

That’s what happened the other day when I had a hankering for good Italian food, but wasn’t up for the whole sit-down restaurant experience. So I Googled PDX food carts and up popped Burrasca, whose specialty is Florentine fare. It had several rave reviews online, so off I went.

Special of the Day

Located at SE 28th and Ankeny, Burrasca is nestled in a little corner of the world that I know well. Vino, one of my favorite wine haunts is right next door, and Crema Coffee and Bakery café is just up the street – but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Back to Burrasca…

When I arrived, several self-declared Burrasca fans were already hovering around the food cart, eagerly awaiting their dishes. The group insisted I get the tagliatelle with beef ragu, so I heeded their advice. While placing my order, I slightly mispronounced the pasta, and chef/owner Paolo Calamai cheerfully corrected me: “Italians pronounce every syllable: “ta-GLI-a-TEL-lee”. So, I got a mini Italian lesson, too.

Tagliatelle with Beef Ragu

I couldn’t resist having my pasta with a glass of wine, so I took my plate of tagliatelle and headed for Vino, which welcomes Burrasca patrons. Being a Burrasca fan himself, Bruce at Vino suggested a red that perfectly complemented my meal. The pasta was delicious, and the wine made it that much better.

It only seemed right and proper to top off my lunch at Crema – just a stone's throw from Burrasca and Vino – where I scored a sidewalk café table, and enjoyed a cappuccino while basking in the midday sun.

And although I lucked into a sunny day, weather does not have to be a factor with this convenient trio of places. Burrasca has an outdoor covered area, while both Vino and Crema offer indoor and outdoor seating, which means all three locales can be enjoyed rain or shine.

113 SE 28th Ave.
Portland, OR 97214

137 SE 28th Ave.
Portland, OR 97214

Crema Coffee and Bakery
2728 SE Ankeny St.
Portland, OR 97214